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Maine Home + Design

In an effort to encourage, expand, and sustain dialogue that is fundamental to a diverse arts community in Maine, the ELLIS-BEAUREGARD FOUNDATION in Rockland plans to build a campus on Knowlton Street to house and provide high ceilinged, 19- by 21-foot, individual studio spaces for up to four artists. Adjacent to the building where the foundation’s offices are located (and where artist couple Joan Marie Beauregard and John David Ellis once lived), the new building complex will be a transformative gathering space for artists. Working with Matthew Baird of BAIRD ARCHITECTS, the project will include private studio and living spaces for individuals, as well as communal cooking, exhibition, and performance spaces. It is conceived of as a net-zero energy project, utilizing solar-generated electricity and employing various construction and system techniques to mitigate its carbon footprint to create a sustainable and exciting foundation for the arts in Maine, and an additive piece of the rich cultural assets of Rockland.